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Capsules du Temps

The project "Capsules du Temps" (Time Capsules) was conceived for submission to the Cité Internationale des Arts residency call. This series aims to create time capsules using natural materials, showcasing elements that may become rare over time. It seeks to preserve the essence of these materials and highlight the intricate universes within each natural object.

My focus is on creating works that explore and safeguard the passage of time. In today's world, there's a pervasive fear of impermanence and mortality. As we prioritize human's technology over nature's, we risk losing the inherent beauty of our environment, along with our own humanity.

With "Capsules du Temps," I intend to preserve the noble and essential materials of nature within glass enclosures. Over six years of research, I've been captivated by the transformations that occur within the realms of space and time. Initially, my exploration began in 2017 with the collection of natural materials and the cultivation of living works. While I previously hesitated to consider their ephemeral nature as a valid artistic product due to market demands, this residency now offers me the opportunity to embrace and celebrate impermanence.

The project will result in a series of sculptural objects of varying sizes, each containing a collected natural element encased in glass. Additionally, I plan to experiment with incorporating gold details, reminiscent of alchemical objects by artists like Tunga, to ponder the intrinsic value of these materials. Upon my arrival in Paris, I will gather natural elements, conduct experiments, and produce the final objects for the project.


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