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The Mage

The Magician ("La magiciene")

Seeds, terrariums, arrangements,
pendulums, books, vases, fossils, tent &

Realized at the artistic residency "Art and Magic", Terra UNA, MG, Brazil

Exhibition Conjunção at the Centro Municipal de Arte Hélio Oiticica, RJ, Brazil
Curated by Keyna Eleison & Nadam Guerra
Photos: Pedro Urano


The pillars of magic are three: Home, World & Studio.

During the Terra UNA residency, I was a voluntary resident. I worked with the children, the garden, the kitchen, and lived in my tent.

For the exhibition, I invite all those who wish to experience living together & like me.


The tent was activated at the opening of the exhibition with a picnic at the museum. Food, friends, music, games, and juggling.


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