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Turbulent (feat. Lucca Totti)

From August 2017 to June 2018, I pursued a Bachelor's in Painting and a Bachelor's in Physics at the same time.
And this was my first Installation


Turbulento (Turbulent), 2018
Joana Amora & Lucca Totti
Wind tunnel, straws, incense, sound, light, fire.

"The installation consists of a wind tunnel powered by incense located in a dark room, with the tunnel being the only illuminated object. A speaker plays a programmed piece to generate real-time chaotic sound events. The visitor is instructed to place the incense in the wind tunnel and light it, then sit and observe the turbulent behavior of the smoke until the incense burns out."
Wind tunnel, speaker, wire sculpture, cloth, palo santo, lighter, light, and shadow.

The instructions, placed on the exterior wall of the room, will be presented in order:

"1- Light the incense in the wind tunnel,

2- Sit down,

3- Observe the smoke,

4- The piece lasts until the incense burns out.

Feel free to repeat the process.

If another visitor has already lit an incense, sit down and observe."


The installation aims to provide the visitor with an encounter with the phenomenon of turbulence.


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