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Photo, Video & Creative Direction

I'm Joana, an Brazilian creative based in Berlin.

I've over 7 years of experience in photography, video, visual arts & graphic design and I work with ambitious artists, brands, and projects to make them look authentic and professional, through outstanding creative and strategic images.


Together, we can develop the perfect imagery for your press, website or social media growth. Nowadays if you don't have an outstanding visual presence, you won't be able to grow in your industry. You'll look like everyone else.


Let me help you with this.

Just contact me through the button below

and I'll get back to you right away!



Although you'll always see me talking about creating creative and strategic images now, it wasn't always like this. I actually studied a BA in Visual Arts, and I'm also a contemporary multimedia artist with my own artistic research.


While I was studying art, I realised that I couldn't learn how to manage my career as an artist at university. So I took courses in strategic planning, branding, sales, web design, marketing, social media management and communication.


I realised that the creative industry was much bigger than the art market.

And there, I could work in creative communication for projects that share my values. So I worked with art direction for shows, theatre and photo/videography.


I love learning new skills within the creative industry.

It's important to me the fact that I can cover most of the visual and strategic aspects of any business with all the knowledge I've acquired over the years.


Before I finished my Bachelor's degree, I did an exchange year in France. This gave me the opportunity to apply for the Masters in Information Communication there. 

Right now I'm based in Berlin for a year to work as a creative,

and I'm part of the  GOALGIRLS creative agency.


I help artists, brands and individuals create amazing photography so they look professional and stand out online!

I really love meeting new clients and helping them achieve their goals!

If you need help with any visual aspect of your business or yourself as an individual, I'm available worldwide.



Please don't hesitate to contact me using the button below.

I would love to hear your needs and see how I can help you!

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