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Jards Macalé - Berlin 2024


Jards Macalé is one of the most important musicians in the history of Brazilian music and makes his first European tour in 2024. The "Farinha do Desprezo" Tour presents his first solo album "Jards Macalé", released in 1972, and has sold out venues in every country he has visited.

The 80 year old singer and songwriter has been a key figue of the Brazilian music scene over the past 5 decades and artists from his generation such as Caetano Veloso (Macalé was musical director for “Transa”), Gal Costa or Gilberto Gil had been working with Macalé. In recent years his popularity has gained a new generation of admirers and artists such as O Terno’s Tim Bernardes or Ana Frango Eletrico call Macalé their hero.

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