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Dans le Bon Chemin

"Dans le bon chemin" series
(On the right way)

As Hansel and Gretel I follow my trail to be sure I don't get lost on my way.

Every encounter is like an oracle, a tip, a talk between me and the universe, so I'm sure I'm on the good way.

Around 220 elastics were already found in different cities from France, Italy, Kosov, England, Brazil and Germany.

This is an opened process.

"Every hair elastic here was found on the street, where I passed on my way
In different cities and countries around the universe
This collection I started in France, when I first arrived
And since then I've been following this trail so I don't get lost
Every time I find an elastic on my way
It means I'm on the right way"


The protocol is as follows: collect all the rubber bands I find along my way. Over time, I have created the mythology that each time I find a rubber band, it is a sign of synchronicity from the universe: that I am on the right path.


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