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Garden I

Galeria Curto Circuito de Arte Pública
UFRJ Technological Park
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

[2018 - 2020]
The garden is the limit between the humanity & the Nature
Where we are cultivated & we cultivates

"The Garden assumes its passersby as primordial elements of the landscape" says the plaque.

What better than a garden for an open-air gallery? The garden was my first work combining my agroecological and artistic pratice. After reading The Invention of Landscape by Anne Cauquelin,I became interested in the garden-form. So I made this living installation.

Plants, compost, bamboo, bricks, little stones, worms, string, trunks, plaque & time

>> (Parte do Jardim se extende e vive no online, através de registros do eventuário do Jardim)


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