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Nouvelles Façons d'Habiter la Société Humaine

Series Nouvelles Façons d’Habiter la Société Humaine, 2022
(New Ways of Inhabiting Human Society)

Photoperformance displayed as posters
Inkjet on Hahnemühle Photo Luster
59.4 x 42 cm or 53,4 x 75,5 each

Aix-en-Provence, France

New Ways of Inhabiting Human Society were discovered in the university residence where I started living in France. When I landed alone on this new planet, I met the first natives & understood the first social rules established. First reaction: To fit in. With time and space, I learned to be exactly me, no matter where I was. I understood how to play with estrangement relationships & experiment with new ways of living in the world.

Habiter in French can be translated by: Dwell, live & inhabit


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