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The Artist-Gardener's Practical Handbook

"O Manual Prático da Artista-Jardineira"
(The Artist-Gardener's Practical Handbook)

The project is based on the goal of sharing my universe and practices as an artist-gardener.

It starts as an artist's book, sharing the story of my artistic research, my works, and inviting the public to become more of an artist-gardener, meaning: to cultivate and understand realities.

Each "practice" shares an idea, a concept, a methodology that I've learned from Nature and that I apply in my artistic and philosophical process. "Relations", "Cycles", "Space-time", "Diversity", "Collection"...

The artist-gardeners are interested in the functioning of the universe, the movements of space and time, the dynamics of life and death, relationships, "what is 'reality'" and "how are they constructed."

From an investigative approach to myself, I developed the first version of this artist book at the Echangeur22 residency (Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, France). Aiming to articulate, systematize, and consciously communicate everything I had already thought and produced as an artist.

"The Artist-Gardener's Practical Handbook - VOLUME I: How to Start Cultivating Worlds" is an artistic-academic book presented as a final thesis for my Bachelor in Visual Arts, receiving the highest evaluation from the jury, as well as their recommendation for the publication of the work. The book and other information about the defense are available here:

Residency :

The original idea for the artwork was that the artist's book would eventually become a lesson in itself, by living in a terrarium. There it would live and die in the movement of the ecosystem.


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